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Curiosity piqued about the Subaru Forester oil type or in need of a Subaru Forester oil change? Look no further than Star Subaru for all your queries and service needs. According to Subaru’s specifications, the recommended oil for Subaru Forester models newer than 2011 is synthetic, because it’s more capable of handling fluctuating temperatures and conditions — ideal for the Forester’s adventurous spirit.



For most new Subaru Forester models, the preferred oil is 0W-20 synthetic, engineered to meet the demands of its versatile nature. However, it’s essential to note that the correct Subaru Forester oil type may vary. For instance, non-turbo engine models require 0W-20, while turbo engine variants necessitate 5W-30. To ensure you’re using the appropriate oil for Subaru Forester specific to your model and year, we recommend consulting your owner’s manual or relying on the expertise of our Subaru-certified technicians of Star Subaru.

The Differences Between Synthetic and Conventional Oil

Synthetic (Recommended Oil for Subaru Forester)

  • Formulated from refined petroleum components instead of crude oil.
  • Enhances lubrication in extreme temperatures, prolonging engine lifespan and oil change intervals.
  • Delivers enhanced engine defense against wear, deposits, and sludge accumulation.
  • Typically has a longer lifespan, resulting in reduced waste over time.


  • Derived from crude oil through refinement processes.
  • Tends to degrade more rapidly, necessitating frequent oil changes.
  • Provides moderate protection but may be less effective in extreme conditions.
  • Frequent oil changes can lead to increased waste production.

Why the Right Subaru Forester Oil Type Matters

Your Subaru Forester is engineered for excellence, but only with proper care. To ensure it performs at its best, using the right Subaru Forester oil type is essential. Not only does it optimize performance, but it also:

  • Protects Engine Parts: Proper lubrication minimizes wear and tear.
  • Ensures Efficiency: The right oil ensures a smoother and more fuel-efficient Flushing drive.
  • Maintains Engine Temperature: Quality oil helps regulate the engine’s temperature.

Get Your Subaru Forester Oil Change Done at Star Subaru

For more questions about the Subaru Forester oil type or any other service needs, our team at Star Subaru is here to help. Make sure your Subaru Forester stays healthy with the right oil and regular maintenance. Schedule a service appointment for Subaru Forester oil change with us today in Queens, close to Whitestone and Beechhurst, and experience the difference that expert care can make!

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